Eruption 1071418

Time Entered:2019-02-25 19:30:19
Time Updated:2019-03-03 09:18:03
Time Uploaded:2019-03-03 09:18:03
Observer:Laura L
Comments:Reported by Miyeko Inafuku that "Xanterra snowcoach driver Laura L reports seeing Steamboat start at 1133." YNM Seismograph signal shows up at 1142. Note that the May 27 2018 eruption also had an earlier observed start than was initially reported on the seismo. While the start can be seen on the May eruption it was weaker and given the general reduction in the thickness of the traces recently, the guide observed start time might have been earlier than the big seismo signature. The 9/17/2019 eruption was observed before the seismo trace reacted, but only 2-3 minutes earlier in that case.

The seismic trace agreed with the start time of 1915 for the May 27 eruption. I am inclined to trust the E time.
Entrant: Archer
Time Entered:2019-02-25 20:15:50
Time Uploaded:2019-02-25 20:15:50
Regarding the shape of the seismic trace: the May 27th eruption also had a very heavy water start which tends to produce the substantially reduced seismic traces *and* Tantalus flood pulses. Its worth noting that the Tantalus weir had no observable flood pulse for this eruption indicating either an ice dam has formed, or a weak-water eruption, or wind strongly blowing towards the parking lot (possibly, probably, all three). TLDR: Theres lots of reasons to question an earlier start time for this eruption, and current precedent is to use the E seismic time in lieu of direct on-platform observations.
Entrant: underarockphoto
Time Entered:2019-02-26 19:47:42
Time Updated:2019-02-27 07:35:54
Time Uploaded:2019-02-27 07:35:54
No confirms for this eruption.
No flags for this eruption. is the trace for this eruption on 02/25. Only processing was a bandpass filter (1 to 20 Hz); time is UTC. Unambiguous start time, as opposed to 05/27/2018, which had a weak start that is hidden in the noise on the seismogram posted to Utah's website (hence the late E time reported in GT).
Entrant: Archer
Time Entered:2019-02-27 13:18:38
Time Updated:2019-02-27 13:21:06
Time Uploaded:2019-02-27 13:20:57
Submitted Seismograph 2019-02-25
Entrant: Art
Time Entered:2019-03-01 09:03:50
Time Uploaded:2019-03-01 09:03:50

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