Eruption 908803

Standardized Duration:39m
Time Entered:2017-06-05 23:18:19
Time Updated:2017-12-19 13:40:50
Time Uploaded:2017-12-19 13:40:35
Observer:James St. John
Comments:"Waterfall Geyser" (= "North of Thumb Geyser"). Yay - my first Waterfall eruption! Small bubbler on the western edge of Waterfall's pool (the easternmost of the 3 features to the west of Waterfall) was active all afternoon. It got swamped by a Waterfall Geyser basin filling event at 1726 - pool engaged in slight roiling. Eruption from 1731 to 1810 (see attachments for still photos and video compilation). Bursting from 2 vents - usually one at a time. Highest bursts maybe ~7 feet high. Eruption runoff cascaded over rocky outcrop into Thumb Geyser - that basin filled up pretty well. Waterfall Geyser's basin slowly draining at 1813; back to pre-eruption pool level at 1816; pool level was way lower by 1820, partly exposing the large, central, irregularly-shaped vent area.

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No flags for this eruption. (out of 21) of Waterfall Geyser's 5:31 to 6:10 PM eruption on 5 June 2017.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2017-06-22 18:23:41
Time Uploaded:2017-06-22 18:23:41
Video (23 minutes long) of Waterfall Geyser's 5:31 to 6:10 PM eruption on 5 June 2017, plus pre- & post-eruption clips.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2017-07-04 22:21:45
Time Uploaded:2017-07-04 22:21:45

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