Eruption 991631

Time:1707 ie
Geyser:Great Fountain
Time Entered:2017-10-22 19:32:47
Time Uploaded:2017-10-22 19:32:47
Comments:Wild Phase eruption winding down this afternoon - most of the play on later series was confined to inside crater, with minimal overflow. Eruption still going when I left at 1707. Start Time (Duration): 1436(3), 1447(3), 1458(2), 1508(3), 1519(2), 1529(3), 1540(2), 1551, 1602(1), 1610(2), 1622(1), 1631(1), 1636(2), 1648(1), 1706(1). Last larger burst seen was at 1622 - about 20', but everything else after that was only reaching 5+ feet over crater rim. May have been small series between 1648 and 1706, but was obscured by steam.

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