Last Known Eruption
205d 9h 35m ago

Interval Statistics

# of Intervals13
Min5h 0m
Max9y 61d 6h 46m
Mean2y 177d 6h 22m
Median1y 34d 3h 13m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart TimeEnd TimeEntrantNote
1199 04 Sep 2014 @ 0000 --- Andrew Steamboat is believed to have had a major last night at about 2300-2350 hours.
1069 12 May 2014 @ 0847 --- Polly At 0847, a strong minor produced runoff that was like a mini-river.  I could hear it travel all of the way down the hill.  During the morning, my percentages of concerted minors were 85-87%.  Again, I saw some jetting in both the South and North Vents.  At times, I heard roaring coming from the South Vent area.  The wind was blowing towards me much of the morning, which probably enhanced the sounds.  It was steamy and hard to tell how high the South Vent minors were.  In the afternoon, the percent concerted had dropped to about 66%, but the runoff increased.  I left at 1400, but the YVO temperature graph shows another spike to ~32 degrees Celcius about 2 hours later.
1068 11 May 2014 @ 1444 11 May 2014 @ 1544 Polly Minors appeared to be about 50% concerted during the hour 1444-1544.  It was steamy and the wind was blowing toward me, so visibility was an issue.  I did see some jetting in both the South and the North Vents.  At times, there was a steamy pressure sound coming from near the South Vent.  The runoff was, at times, the heaviest that I have ever seen.  Two of the minors produced a deep rumble that I have not heard before.  The poor visibility kept me from seeing how high the South Vent went on those minors (my guess is not much higher than the trees), but they sounded strong.  This coincided with a high a ~32 degrees Celcius peak on the YVO temperature graph.
1054 27 Apr 2014 @ 0000 27 Apr 2014 @ 1200 Polly My brother Bob reports that he only had about 49% concerted this morning with low water.  He says that there is very little steam throughout the back basin this morning despite the low outdoor temperature.
1053 26 Apr 2014 @ 0000 26 Apr 2014 @ 2359 Polly My brother, Bob Partner, had just over 90% concerted minors during 2 nonconsecutive hours today.  He only counted those minors lasting longer than 30 seconds, so my percentage would probably have been lower.  He had one minor about 150% of the tops of the trees (standing on the mid-level platform).  Overall, though, he said runoff was low and most minors were on the short side.  Temperature graph from YVO has been down since 4/22 but likely dipped yesterday and rising today.  He left the area due to deteriorating snowstorm conditions.
1048 20 Apr 2014 @ 1548 20 Apr 2014 @ 1648 WillBoekel From 1548-1648 for minors there were 40 North Vent starts, 2 South vent starts, and 26 simultaneous starts.
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