Note 3482

Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time From:2016-08-12 @ 1219
Date/Time To:2016-08-12 @ 1727
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2016-08-12 23:08:47
Time Uploaded:2016-08-12 23:08:47
Note:Pair Geyser (= RCN database name) in the southwestern Kaleidoscope Group (Lower Geyser Basin). Pair Geyser is located at 44° 33' 15.33" North, 110° 48' 48.76" West. No visible water in basin at 1219. Ditto at 1409. Noticed visible water in basin at 1446 & 1459. Blipping at 1519. In low bursting at 1643. Intermittent, moderately low to medium-sized bursting at 1656 to 1727.

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