Eruption 1049842

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Standardized Duration:13m 36s
Time Entered:2018-08-10 10:36:57
Time Updated:2018-08-10 12:48:32
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:48:46
Observer:Tara, Rocco, Micah, JimS, Andrew
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:1012 Bijou pause, 1013 water in Mastiff and SW Vents spitting, Mastiff quickly rose to near overflow as SW Vents came on and Feather showed water at 1014:25 and Cave showed water at 1014:50. Posthole and Posthole Satellite overflowed as Feather started drooling, then Feather started at 1015:47 for a Giant hot period. Feather's Satellite started quickly at 1016:05 with Rust following at 1016:31 along with bubbling in Cave. Cave started erupting to 2-3 feet at 1017:41 and Mastiff started heavy boiling and surging to 1-3 feet with increasing runoff. Mastiff had a good push to 5-6 feet with runoff that covered India, but the surging did not sustain. Bijou had water at 1020:59 and came on strong along with B-C Vent at 1021:54 as Mastiff dropped out of sight and Cave quit. Feather weakend to about half height, then came on strong along with Slit, Posthole, Posthole Satellite, and bubbling in Emerald. Giant had good vertical surging for about 2 minutes with several to the top of the cone, but did not get enough volume to start. Feather weakened, Feather's Satellite quit, and Feather shut off for a duration of 13m36s. Grotto shut off sometime during this hot period.

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Micah Kipple
Time Entered:2018-08-10 11:45:36
Time Uploaded:2018-08-10 11:45:36
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
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