Eruption 1156160

Time:1350 ns
Standardized Duration:~45m
Time Entered:2019-12-19 14:16:44
Time Updated:2019-12-19 17:57:24
Time Uploaded:2019-12-19 17:57:25
Entrant:Micah Kipple
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:I was watching Old Tardy wrap up its 1347 eruption when I noticed a gurgling/slurping sound from the left. At first I thought the source was the sintered hole directly in front of Crystal Spring. Then I looked closer and saw Slurp puffing steam and putting out spits in sync with the chugging slurping sound. After Old Tardy ended, over the next 10-15 minutes, Slurp's water level slowly filled to where a pool was just visible in the vent. The eruption was a series of chugging splashes 6-8" high angled from the direction of crystal producing a distinctive slurping chugging sound but staying completely in the crater. After staying at full strength for another 10 minutes. The eruption slowly waned to near imperceptible subterranean gurgling.

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