Eruption 1166284

Standardized Duration:2m 23s
Time Entered:2020-05-03 04:31:08
Time Uploaded:2020-11-27 13:33:00
Observer:Ralph Taylor in Oct 1998 Sput
Comments:From pg. 15: "By 14:36 the pools had refilled. The temperature of the north pool was measured at 203 degrees F. During the quiet time between the second and third eruptions we measured 100 foot baselines to the north and south vents. By 1530 minor eruptions were occurring every two minutes. After especially large minor play the activity nearly stopped for a brief time then resumed. At 16:03 the south vent joined in the preplay to about half a meter. By 16:07 the play had reached over 2 meters. The third eruption of the day occurred at 16:20 and reached a measured 72 feet. The duration was 2m23s. The eruption started with the north vent then moved to the south vent. As the eruption proceeded the water levels dropped and the south vent became a cone type geyser. It erupted at an angle to the southwest and drenched the spectators on the boardwalk."

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