Eruption 1337386

Duration:3m 14s
Standardized Duration:3m 14s
Time Entered:2021-10-11 19:29:34
Time Updated:2021-10-11 19:50:39
Time Uploaded:2021-10-11 19:50:39
Observer:BryceB, KorbenC, et. al on webcam.
Comments:1543 start of observation, overvation was continuous until after the eruption. 1543 Depression reached 1a position, given the strength of its rise and reports of a "min-crash", I suspect it went into a HOLD 1C around 1530. Pool 1a 1543. From this point onward, the pool continued rising at an impressive rate. 1546 pool reached an impressive level. 1547 I thought Dep was erupting but it was just a VERY IMPRESSIVE Pool. At this point, it began to hold at one of the highest levels I have seen it at, ever. From 1547 to 1558 is held at this massive level, and bubbled for almost 2 continuos minutes before finally making the decision to erupt. I agree with SF's data, flood at 1558:26 and eruption end 1601:40. D=3m 14s. This was a jello-type eruption with only two small bursts. Also, thank you to SantaFe108 for deleting his entry so that the entry with more data could take primary.

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Time Entered:2021-10-11 19:32:44
Time Uploaded:2021-10-11 19:32:44
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