Eruption 1367911

Duration:About 5min
Standardized Duration:~5m
Time Entered:2022-06-29 15:17:38
Time Updated:2022-06-29 21:17:55
Time Uploaded:2022-06-29 21:18:01
Observer:BenVL, Kitt, DaveS and family, Bob, myself, many others
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Spectacular shower! Observations from 6/28: Morning had small splashing, afternoon had large splashing and very low water in South that dropped following a small rainstorm. Observations from 6/29: Minimal, if any, activity until About 10min before Indicator water rose very rapidly in both south and west (empty to full in less than a minute). West started 1452. Water in indicator at 1453. Indicator 1454 - Lead time of 14min. Boom start from Bee.. I guessed 134', which ended up being correct.

Very windy. 134'
Entrant: Ben VL
Time Entered:2022-06-29 16:10:52
Time Uploaded:2022-06-29 18:43:04
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
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