Eruption 1433510

Time:1400 A
Geyser:Pink Cone
Time Entered:2023-09-11 16:04:13
Time Updated:2023-09-12 09:04:27
Time Uploaded:2023-09-12 09:04:46
Entrant:Inez Austin
Observer:Julia (Inez Austin)
Comments:note, Platform and side bubblers dry, but Pink Cone itself seems to be doing good boils and steaming, so with luck an eruption should be dusk to after dark. The system would not let me do this as a note.

Your comment says note- is this possibly a note, rather than an eruption…? If so, can you please change it?
Entrant: Darcie
Time Entered:2023-09-11 21:20:05
Time Uploaded:2023-09-12 12:44:03
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
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this should be entered as a note rather than an eruption
Entrant: Tara
Time Entered:2023-09-11 19:59:18
Time Uploaded:2023-09-11 19:59:19
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
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