Eruption 704112

Time:1505 ie
Duration:> 3 minutes
Standardized Duration:>3m
Time Entered:2014-08-17 19:26:52
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:38:02
Observer:Karen Webb
Comments:Assisted in IDing by Will Boekel. Observed from boardwalk between Lion and Arrowhead Spring. Overall shape was similar to a very tiny Fantail with one vent erupting obliquely to the right as you viewed it face on from this spot and the other obliquely to the left. There was a small bit of the hill below Sponge that obstructed view of crater, though we identified the crater later from above Sponge. Play was not high (2-3' tops for the right vent, perhaps as much as 4' from the left). Play of "right" vent was smooth, vigorous jetting; "left" oscillated a bit and at times play resembled more of a slender fountain-type burst. Sorry for the wordiness and colloquialisms; this was my firs time seeing it, and it's so close to Plate and Boardwalk, my first thought was one or the other had reactivated but radically changed its behavior! I'm only putting in what detail I can because this behavior is at variance from the description in Scott's book.

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