Eruption 704906

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Standardized Duration:34m
Time Entered:2014-08-24 08:35:59
Time Updated:2014-08-28 10:24:29
Time Uploaded:2014-08-28 10:24:28
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Comments:See Event Cycle for preceeding details. Eruption initiated by Motar Upper in last few seconds of 0825. The surge was to about 15 ft then immediately climed to 60-80ft. Fan joined in within 3-5 seconds. East vent joined in around 3m into eruption and landed on middle of boardwalk but never over boardwalk. There was never any water in Main until the eruption. The inital shut down was at 0841. Restarts of Fan occured at 0842, 0846, 0849, one more time not recorded. Last water from Fan was 0900. Motar never restarted. Norris Pool rose during the eruption.

eruption was a lock initiated with an upper mortar start per description over the radio (call was "High is at 8ft, gold is at 3ft and Angle is at 1ft and holding" at about 0823. observations gathered from Bob after the eruption. I arrived about 2 minutes into the eruption and all vents were going full strength. From Bob's description of the events there was one river pause with no splashing in main and then when the vents on fan they had ok water levels that then became great and after they stayed at lock for a minute or two the first radio call was made. Actual duration was 34 minutes as Cynthia Barwin observed last water at 0859.
Entrant: WillBoekel
Time Entered:2014-08-24 17:36:46
Time Updated:2014-08-25 01:07:47
Time Uploaded:2014-08-25 01:07:47
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Time Entered:2014-08-24 11:05:34
Time Uploaded:2014-08-24 11:05:40
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