Eruption 73839

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From pg. 30–31 of the Martinez (August 1976) report: "The second [eruption of Giantess in August] was a mixed water and steam type and was much more powerful. It occurred on the 29th and 30th, lasting over 28 hours...The eruption of the 29th was a very nice example of Giantess at her best. The activity lasted over a two day period, some of the best bursts occurring on the second day near the end of the activity. The highest of the jets did not exceed 170 feet, but the consistancy [sic] with which the 70 to 100 ft bursts occurred was amazing. The initial water burst reached an estimated maximum of 70 feet and slowly went into the steam phase. The ejection of steam and water continued uninterrupted for a long time. It was sometime in the afternoon before Giantess settled inro [sic] a definite cycle of periodic activity. The maximum height of the initial eruption phase occurred in the steam phase at 9:15am when the water jetted up through the clouds of steam to the 170 foot level. The later bursts followed the alternating cycles observed in eruptions the past few seasons. The durations and intervals followed a roughly regularly varying cycle which continued through most of the active period. The features affected on the 6th [Beehive, Dome, Model, Vault, Infant, Pump, and Plume] were also affected on the 29th–31st. There were also some additional features influenced by Giantess during the period after the 29th. Anemone, Surge, Silver, Bronze, Beach, Ear, Plate, Little Squirt, and Depression all showed signs of increased energy. Dome did not become active but the overflow fluctuated, due to unusually high boiling along the edges of the crater." Pg. A-43 has further details.
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