Eruption 818828

Time:1558 ns
Geyser:East Sentinel
Time Entered:2016-03-07 02:32:40
Time Updated:2017-11-08 12:35:00
Time Uploaded:2017-11-08 12:35:00
Observer:Tara Cross
Comments:Steam cloud seen from Fan & Mortar. The largest bursts were over by the time I arrived, but I conjecture that the eruption was from both of East Sentinel's vents. The big burst I did see landed on the embankment and there was obvious splatter up the hill past the sawhorse. There was also matted grass and wash between East Sentinel's vent and the embankment, indicating that the big part of the eruption came from the northwest vent. However, when I could actually see water, there was low bursting at an angle towards the river, which would be coming from the south east vent. After the height dropped to about 10 feet and then lessened over the next 5 minutes. There was a vent in the little side stream to the south that was erupting a fine spray to about 10 feet. The side stream had a light flow from the river. Both the main vents and this side vent stopped at about the same time, for an approximate duration of 10 minutes.

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