Eruption 825453

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Time Entered:2016-05-05 09:20:29
Time Updated:2016-05-09 17:01:53
Time Uploaded:2016-05-09 17:01:53
Comments:Walked up to the event cycle, from the list serv: "got there around 12:30. High was very strong. Nearly constant to 6'or more. Only twice, that I recall, did High pause at all, and it came back stronger both times. Just before the eruption it was steady at 10' or so and landing in Main Vent. But Gold never got above 1' or so until just prior to the eruption and was mostly just off. And Angle was a fumarole. Odd. At least I thought so. So, for most of 10 minutes it looked like a High solo major." He has videos here: Fan: Fan: Fan: Mortar start: Lock: something:

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