Eruption 869287

Geyser:Cinnamon Spouter
Time Entered:2016-09-27 11:38:20
Time Uploaded:2016-09-27 11:38:20
Entrant:Rocco Paperiello
Observer:Rocco Paperiello
Comments:Cinnamon "Spouter" STARTED back up at this time after being off for about a half hour. This is the second time in two days in which I gave seen this "geyser" take a lengthy pause. It has also been known as a geyser in past years. Cinnamon West had been in a series at the time when suddenly both quit and drained. The drain was quite quick and then stopped for a short while at about -1 to -1 1/2 foot down. After a quiet period and subsequent short period of minimal spouting to about 6-10 inches it finally drained out of sight. The water eventually rose quite quickly whereupon both Cinnamon Spouter and Cinnamon West resumed their activity, Cinnamon West had been in a series form when I arrived at 7:45 am and was still going strong at 11:10 when I left (except for the pause of the entire system).

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