Eruption 985275

Time:0700 A
Time Entered:2017-10-01 20:21:13
Time Uploaded:2017-10-01 20:21:13
Observer:Hutchinson field notes - box 74
Comments:East Scissors Spring had a major eruption sometime in the early morning hours estimated between 0500 & 0800 as suggested by snowmelt in the outwash channels & ice on the boardwalk. The eruption ejected a heavy dose of sand & gravel on the snow packed board walk adjacent to the north melting at least a third of it in the process. The debris & wash zones indicate that the dirty eruption was at least 2-3 meters high & was casting water sand gravel & letter radially 1-3 meters. A majority of the wash & runoff was to the southeast and by the width and depth of the channel is estimated to have been at least several hundred gallons...{expelled trash total}...While observations were being made West Scissors spring was in continuous fountain type eruption 0.3-1.0 meter with runoff & East Scissors Springs murky water quietly rose & fell every few minutes by an amplitude of 8-13cm

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