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10999 19 Apr 2019 @ 1635 --- Micah Kipple Periodically sending up streams of bubbles accompanied by steam flames in the vent.
10444 25 Sep 2018 @ 1506 --- Micah Kipple Heavy stream of bubbles coming up to surface. Creating a steady light boil.
10132 10 Sep 2018 @ 1212 --- Micah Kipple Flaming start.
10002 03 Sep 2018 @ 0856 --- Micah Kipple Flaming.
9350 31 Jul 2018 @ 0956 --- Micah Kipple Not flaming
9349 31 Jul 2018 @ 0929 --- Micah Kipple Flaming strongly, thumping, and light ebullition.
9293 25 Jul 2018 @ 0924 --- Micah Kipple Strong Flaming down in the vent
8102 04 May 2018 @ 1115 --- Janet Jones Heavier overflow than I've personally seen. The water level is above the sinter edge and overflowing steadily in many directions. Most of these new overflow channels support a nice growth of orange microbes. Some evidence of potentially even more overflow channels (wet areas without microbes) as well. Very pretty.
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