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13927 12 Oct 2019 @ 1230 --- cb water level is up to the sand on rhe west end of the pool. It is clear, greenish in color & no bubbles.
13890 05 Oct 2019 @ 1210 --- cb pool is high, clear and occasional bubbles.
13756 19 Sep 2019 @ 1220 --- cb light emerald green in color. Occasional bubbles on the east and west end of the pool.
13254 14 Aug 2019 @ 1619 --- cb unchanged. ~2' below rim. greenish yellow with a boil on the east end of the pool.
13125 09 Aug 2019 @ 0834 --- cb pool is low. water is just covering the rock outcropping/shelf of the NE rim. color is a cloudy greenish yellow. **Mud spring is very low! Down ~ 2.5' from the rim (not overflow). Pool is calm and cloudy greenish in color. ** Blue Mud Steam Vent water level is low. Splashing water is barely visable deep in the vent.
12995 03 Aug 2019 @ 0835 --- cb yellowish green in color. 3 areas that have bubblers breaking the surface.
12969 02 Aug 2019 @ 0936 --- MAB green yellow in color with fairly active bubbles
12889 31 Jul 2019 @ 0854 --- cb light yellowish green in color and has a small roiling boil on the south end
11022 20 Apr 2019 @ 1033 --- MAB Low water, appeared slightly cloudy but could have been steam.
9833 22 Aug 2018 @ 1835 --- cb high (up to the log debris) and a yellow/greenish color.
9130 11 Jul 2018 @ 0920 --- Tara Down about 18" and burbling to a gee inches.
6041 23 Jul 1973 @ 1800 --- research-mab 07/23/1973 Mystic Spring muddy – also Milky Complex, Basin Geyser
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