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13937 13 Oct 2019 @ 1256 13 Oct 2019 @ 1448 ypcaribou Water level quite full on arrival. Dark inner ring fully submerged. Gentle bubbling. 12:58 "surge" of water to maybe 6". 13:05 and 13:10 larger bubbles, not quite a full surge. 13:17 water level had dropped so very top of dark band was just visible above water. 13:23 surge to about 6" 13:24 water level dropped more so could see lt gray below water right side. 13:35 angled stick on back side - tip just exposed above water. 13:50 tip of angled stick half way between water and top of dark inner band. 14:14 lighter band at bottom of dark inner band exposed above water. About 1-2" of black below that also exposed. 14:23 water level rising with continuous roiling-water right at lighter band. 14:35 big splash that broke surface sustained for about a minute. Water level still right at lighter band at 14:48 when I left. Palpitator almost full and palpitating this whole time though water level rose to overflow by time I left. One "service" schnauzer observed being carried by its owner about 14:02.
13976 27 Aug 2019 @ 1724 --- ypcaribou Full and IE
13387 25 Aug 2019 @ 0637 --- ypcaribou Full such that black interior rim and light gray above that is fully covered. Looks damp from left edge of water to above the largest white piece of deposit left of there and damp to just as high to right side.
13977 24 Aug 2019 @ 1941 --- ypcaribou Full and IE
13978 02 Aug 2019 @ 1934 --- ypcaribou Full and IE
12851 28 Jul 2019 @ 1015 --- ypcaribou Very full. White deposit line at least 6" below water level.
12850 28 Jul 2019 @ 0642 --- ypcaribou Very full. No white deposit line visible.
12009 28 Jun 2019 @ 1026 28 Jun 2019 @ 1046 ypcaribou Water level dropped since earlier. Water level to white band just below dark band inside crater. About 1/3 white to 2/3 dark showing. Roils right of center, then splashes about a foot, then stops bubbling for about a minute.
12008 28 Jun 2019 @ 0640 --- ypcaribou Full to dark area inside crater a few inches below light gray rim.
11359 26 May 2019 @ 1039 --- ypcaribou Still quite full with gentle bubbling in middle
11358 26 May 2019 @ 0551 --- ypcaribou Quite full (just a couple of inches of black visible just below rim) with gentle bubbling in middle.
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