Last Known Eruption
103d 13h 28m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count58
Max3y 307d 18h 8m
Mean45d 12h 28m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
2939 01 Jun 2016 @ 1519 --- MAB huge splash seen from overlook - it might have been something else from that angle
5374 17 Aug 1981 @ 1800 --- research-mab 8/17/1981- Collapsed Cave Spring B) described on Aug 6 is much more active today. Its water is very light gray, & almost clear and has bursts of up to 20’. There was also a ~1min period of quiescence before the bursts would occur again. A geyser! This geyser can be seen from the Whirligig area of bd. wk, appears No of Blue G - commonly called “Collapsed Cave”
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