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26y 305d 9h 20m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count14
Max70d 8h 41m
Mean5d 3h 51m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
11812 15 Jun 2019 @ 1735 --- ldgordon Rattler bubbling about an inch below the rim, other two vents have visible water with right vent splashing a few inches high
8059 03 May 2018 @ 1130 --- Micah Kipple There is now visible water in both vents and splashing 5-10cm. "rattle" still a cyclic spouter 5-10 inches.
8020 28 Apr 2018 @ 0613 --- Micah Kipple "Rattler" vent surging 5-10 cm and putting out discharge periodically. "snake eyes" splashing out of the west vent enough to wet the formation noticeably.
8009 26 Apr 2018 @ 2004 --- Micah Kipple Cyclic spouter activity with larger vent reaching 20cm at times but usually much smaller
3989 22 Apr 2017 @ 0936 --- Micah Kipple Small trickle of water down its channel. "rattler" vent is boiling to 10cm and putting out occasional small surges towards the river.
3970 21 Apr 2017 @ 0731 --- Micah Kipple Bubbling away. No wash in runoff channel but wet all around main vent
3467 11 Aug 2016 @ 1419 --- JSJ In very low, intermittent splashing.
2133 16 Aug 2015 @ 1525 --- Micah Kipple Has erupted recently. Perhaps this morning. Fresh channels, blue murky water and frequent small eruptions to 6"-1'
12253 02 Jul 1993 @ 1343 02 Jul 1993 @ 1519 JarnoO Unnamed north of chimney beside Sawmill's runoff channel. Two smaller east vents observed @ 1343 d=34s, h~1.5m. Water murky. Smaller eruptions to about .25m, d~25-30s {all logged; from 1441-1519}
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