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29y 345d 9h 58m ago

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Eruption DurationInterval
18 Jul 1991 @ 2100 ns maj~4 water ~40 heavy steam

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Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
17427 04 Jun 2021 @ 0946 --- Stephen_Gemar Pool appears to have dropped from my earlier observation. Infrequent light bubbling observed at this time.
17426 04 Jun 2021 @ 0916 --- Stephen_Gemar Pool is overflowing, with light bubbling. Overflow is still light, but runoff has flown far down the front side of Whistle, to within fifteen feet of the trees by the road.
17404 03 Jun 2021 @ 1015 --- Stephen_Gemar Whistle’s runoff is much dryer compared to last observation. The pool appears to be below the level it was at a couple of days ago. The top-middle portion of its runoff is still white-orange.
17316 31 May 2021 @ 1905 --- Stephen_Gemar Whistle is hot enough to have turned part of its runoff channel white-orange. Some occasional light bubbling seen. Overflow still appears to be light, but enough to overflow its main runoff channel.
14655 17 Jun 2020 @ 1110 --- Janet Jones Overflowing and bubbles making 1” splashes.
762 18 Jul 1991 @ 0000 18 Jul 1991 @ 2359 geysergaze Observed NS from Old Faithful Overpass. water phase lasted over four minutes, which is very long historically. Most water phases last about a minute.
Baseline does not exist.