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23 Jan 2022 @ 1440 E maj38d 13h 54m
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 E maj21d 50m
24 Nov 2021 @ 2356 E maj12d 18h 54m
12 Nov 2021 @ 0502 E maj18d 3h 54m
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 E maj11d 13h 24m
13 Oct 2021 @ 1244 maj11m 14d 23h 18m
28 Sep 2021 @ 1326 maj6m 17d 6h 47m
11 Sep 2021 @ 0639 maj1h 6m 65d 5m
08 Jul 2021 @ 0634 maj19m 37d 18h 51m
31 May 2021 @ 1143 maj~10m 26d 11h 41m
05 May 2021 @ 0002 E maj11d 15h 5m
23 Apr 2021 @ 0857 ns maj6d 18h 23m
16 Apr 2021 @ 1434 maj11d 15h 6m
04 Apr 2021 @ 2328 E maj8d 10h 27m
27 Mar 2021 @ 1301 E maj9d 9h 17m
18 Mar 2021 @ 0344 E maj14d 7h 44m
03 Mar 2021 @ 1900 A maj9d 23h 40m
21 Feb 2021 @ 1920 E maj18d 17h 19m
03 Feb 2021 @ 0201 E maj21d 17h 3m
12 Jan 2021 @ 0858 E maj9d 15h 58m
02 Jan 2021 @ 1700 ns maj13d 4h 46m
20 Dec 2020 @ 1214 E maj8d 15h 32m
11 Dec 2020 @ 2042 E maj12d 6h 5m
29 Nov 2020 @ 1437 E maj9d 4h 25m
20 Nov 2020 @ 1012 E maj9d 4h 7m
11 Nov 2020 @ 0605 E maj7d 16h 32m
03 Nov 2020 @ 1333 E maj7d 11h 51m
27 Oct 2020 @ 0242 E maj7d 4h 1m
19 Oct 2020 @ 2241 E maj5d 21h 30m
14 Oct 2020 @ 0111 maj8d 4h 6m
05 Oct 2020 @ 2105 maj23m 9d 10h 30m
26 Sep 2020 @ 1035 maj17m 9d 22h 51m
16 Sep 2020 @ 1144 maj1h 17m 6d 20h 44m
09 Sep 2020 @ 1500 maj13m 7d 18h 26m
01 Sep 2020 @ 2034 maj40m 6d 2h 58m
26 Aug 2020 @ 1736 maj24m 6d 14h 36m
20 Aug 2020 @ 0300 maj5d 11h 31m
14 Aug 2020 @ 1529 maj31m 4d 16h 23m
09 Aug 2020 @ 2306 maj6d 13h 9m
03 Aug 2020 @ 0957 maj36m 4d 8h 49m
30 Jul 2020 @ 0108 maj5d 12h 7m
24 Jul 2020 @ 1301 maj3m 5d 1h 20m
19 Jul 2020 @ 1141 maj33m 5d 15h 37m
13 Jul 2020 @ 2004 maj22m 4d 9h 17m
09 Jul 2020 @ 1047 maj43m 5d 20h 32m
03 Jul 2020 @ 1415 maj26m 4d 12h 46m
29 Jun 2020 @ 0129 maj5d 13h 47m
23 Jun 2020 @ 1142 maj14m 4d 18h 14m
18 Jun 2020 @ 1728 maj3m 5d 18h 48m
12 Jun 2020 @ 2240 E maj4d 5h 3m
08 Jun 2020 @ 1737 maj28m 5d 1h 45m
03 Jun 2020 @ 1552 maj26m 3d 9h 29m
31 May 2020 @ 0623 maj1h 0m 7d 15h 16m
23 May 2020 @ 1507 E maj3d 18h 56m
19 May 2020 @ 2011 E maj5d 15h 55m
14 May 2020 @ 0416 E maj6d 3h 11m
08 May 2020 @ 0105 E maj10d 8h 44m
27 Apr 2020 @ 1621 E maj16d 23h 34m
10 Apr 2020 @ 1647 E maj8d 13h 6m
02 Apr 2020 @ 0341 E maj8d 6h 24m
24 Mar 2020 @ 2117 E maj9d 1h 9m
15 Mar 2020 @ 2008 E maj9d 32m
06 Mar 2020 @ 1836 E maj6d 19h 4m
28 Feb 2020 @ 2332 E maj7d 21h 55m
21 Feb 2020 @ 0137 E maj8d 8h 14m
12 Feb 2020 @ 1723 E maj10d 20h 16m
01 Feb 2020 @ 2107 E maj9d 2h 42m
23 Jan 2020 @ 1825 E maj13d 22h 40m
09 Jan 2020 @ 1945 E maj13d 22h 11m
26 Dec 2019 @ 2134 E maj8d 5h 52m
18 Dec 2019 @ 1542 E maj9d 22h 49m
08 Dec 2019 @ 1653 E maj11d 16h 6m
27 Nov 2019 @ 0047 E maj9d 12h 18m
17 Nov 2019 @ 1229 maj17m 9d 8h 30m
08 Nov 2019 @ 0359 E maj8d 13h 6m
30 Oct 2019 @ 1553 maj8d 2h 37m
22 Oct 2019 @ 1316 E maj6d 9h 25m
16 Oct 2019 @ 0351 E maj8d 7h 6m
07 Oct 2019 @ 2045 maj6d 7h 52m
01 Oct 2019 @ 1253 maj49m 6d 6h 31m
25 Sep 2019 @ 0622 maj7d 6h 40m
17 Sep 2019 @ 2342 ns maj~21m 6d 2h 2m
11 Sep 2019 @ 2140 maj25m 8d 19h 6m
03 Sep 2019 @ 0234 maj23m 6d 15h 47m
27 Aug 2019 @ 1047 maj18m 6d 21h 56m
20 Aug 2019 @ 1251 maj15m 7d 14h 28m
12 Aug 2019 @ 2223 maj15m 13d 15h 3m
30 Jul 2019 @ 0720 maj6d 5h 28m
24 Jul 2019 @ 0152 maj5d 19h 40m
18 Jul 2019 @ 0612 maj17m 7d 11h 4m
10 Jul 2019 @ 1908 maj1h 29m 6d 17h 52m
04 Jul 2019 @ 0116 maj1h 16m 5d 1h 32m
28 Jun 2019 @ 2344 ns maj5d 10h 58m
23 Jun 2019 @ 1246 maj4d 10h 26m
19 Jun 2019 @ 0220 E maj3d 9h 41m
15 Jun 2019 @ 1639 maj12m 3d 3h 47m
12 Jun 2019 @ 1252 maj5d 11h 39m
07 Jun 2019 @ 0113 ns maj5d 4h 26m
01 Jun 2019 @ 2047 majsee comments5d 3h 18m
27 May 2019 @ 1729 maj107d 2h 6m

Interval Statistics

Interval Count100
Min3d 3h 47m
Max65d 5m
Mean9d 18h 57m
Median7d 17h 29m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
20754 24 Jan 2022 @ 1030 --- mwolf back in water
20638 30 Dec 2021 @ 2212 --- Polly Appeared to be a possible eruption on YNM, but now looks like a problem with the seismograph ink. No indication of an eruption on Tantalus Creek discharge gauge. There was a similar signature on 12/26/2021 at 1844. That one seemed to me to be more muted than this one. I do have a screen shot.
20338 06 Nov 2021 @ 1707 06 Nov 2021 @ 1740 User34 Minor at 1707 that kept on building until North was vertical above the trees and South was fountaining vertically. Plenty of big Souths following that, but no follow-up from North until a minor at 1727 which had heavy, sustained, but angled North, and tall vertical South that sent a raging river (best overflow all day) down the channel. Nothing after that through when I left at 1740. Better luck next year!
20321 06 Nov 2021 @ 0730 06 Nov 2021 @ 1520 RMichaels Much lower energy than yesterday. Runoff still consistent, but concerted minors with volume or sustain few and far between. SV again seemed dominant, and even its frequency and volume were diminished from what I observed the last 2-3 days. Only a couple minors with any NV bounce.
20316 05 Nov 2021 @ 1810 05 Nov 2021 @ 1920 User34 Variable runoff, sometimes a trickle at the bridge, sometimes a steady brook. Didn't see any vertical but it got dark quick, then there was one runoff that reached the bridge at 1907 that was substantial, but it subsided after. Russell reported good activity from 1130 to 1300 with exciting play around noon.
20317 05 Nov 2021 @ 0720 05 Nov 2021 @ 1850 RMichaels Consistent activity and high energy from both vents through the morning. Decent NV vertical about every 40 min. Most active period was 1130-1300. Very nice event just after noon with sustained NV and SV vertical with heavy runoff. No real follow-up, though. Runoff remained fairly consistent through the afternoon, but energy was generally lower from 1300-1740. At 1740 there were two back to back minors with sustained SV vertical and heavy runoff. NV never really went vertical, but was tall, thick, and sustained. Still seemed energetic when I left at 1850. Cistern in heavy overflow all day.
20313 04 Nov 2021 @ 0730 04 Nov 2021 @ 1840 RMichaels NV was more active today than the previous two days of observation. Active period from 1145-1330 that had a few concerted minors with NV bounce and heavy runoff. Many large SV minors with good runoff throughout the day. Big NV vertical at 1804, but no follow-up.
20272 03 Nov 2021 @ 0900 03 Nov 2021 @ 1715 cb Increased activity from both vents today. More concerted play with 2 notable events, CNVVSVH, that got us standing up! Still more solo SVV Fountains that put a good river down the channel.
20266 02 Nov 2021 @ 0915 02 Nov 2021 @ 1700 cb small improvement in water level. No NVV observed. Concerted angled play with a few nice rivers down SV channel.
20265 01 Nov 2021 @ 2100 02 Nov 2021 @ 0040 Tsunami note new name, was known as Barrett. Arrive at 21:00 stayed till 00:40 the next day. Here are my observations. SV and NV played together more frequently as time went on. NV tended to play 1 to 3 surges. Lots of good 30 feet, A couple of 50 feet. There was also a minor play. NV just kept surging higher and higher in my flashlight. I'd say 70' to 100', NV went 6 to 7 splashs that time. It quited down a little bit toward 00:40 but that was the time I got driven off the basin because fog had completely settled in.
20264 01 Nov 2021 @ 0930 01 Nov 2021 @ 1715 cb This mornings activity was nice with a few SVV gully washers down the channel & some tall angled NV's till 1145. No vertical seen from NV till about 1630 and that was more of a good sized bounce. All in all yesterday's activity was better. Today was meh...
20260 31 Oct 2021 @ 1120 31 Oct 2021 @ 1814 bbev 6D,10hrs PE: SV runoff appears to have improved overnight and continued to improve into the afternoon. Several SV "rock rollers", some concerted, some solo. NV much more active and voluminous after 1530. Play became more concerted, maybe 50%+ in the afternoon as well. Very grumbly, sometimes thunderous off and on throughout the day. Quieted down some after 1700.
20241 31 Oct 2021 @ 1017 31 Oct 2021 @ 1055 DanS Angled play from NV. One big push from SV at 1034 sent good runoff down channel.
20232 30 Oct 2021 @ 1600 30 Oct 2021 @ 1730 bbev 5D,14hrs PE. SV runoff somewhat improved from yesterday. Evidence of better runoff as reported earlier in the day. l observed mostly independent, angled minors, with a couple of SVV solos with minimal runoff.
20237 30 Oct 2021 @ 1400 30 Oct 2021 @ 1500 User34 Series of SVV and fountaining over 15 minutes that sent babbling brook after babbling brook down. Past the steerage bridge was full of water in every channel from far left to far right afterwards. Very little from North during this time. Went into a lull after with sporadic SVV and two concerted minors around 1500 with bouncy water from North.
20191 29 Oct 2021 @ 1650 29 Oct 2021 @ 1730 cb 4D15H PE.. Water is back to the platform. SV channel wet with a trickle beyond the bridge to Tantalus creek. Not a lot of activity from either vent but we observed 1 concerted minor that had vertical play in both vents. Not much other play than this one.
20159 28 Oct 2021 @ 1347 --- cb 3D11.5H PE.. Gently steaming, water is not back to the platform yet. Channels dry.
20149 27 Oct 2021 @ 1312 --- cb quietly steaming. All channels are dry of thermal runoff. some rain/snow melt has collected in low depressions in the SV channel. VERY slight grumbling.
20120 25 Oct 2021 @ 1238 --- cb 10.5 H into the eruption SB NV is jetting mix of water and steam 30'. SV mostly steam 10'. There is still a very narrow cascade of water coming off the hillside above the upper deck & a flow of water down the NV runoff channel. Nothing flowing down SV channel. CISTERN SPRING @ 1247 has dropped 3' below overflow (water level is right at the intersection of the crossed logs. No boil, clear & blue. EMERALD SPRING is a little cloudy, VERY turquoise blue, no bubbles & overflowing.
20099 24 Oct 2021 @ 1000 24 Oct 2021 @ 1800 cb SB activity was much like yesterday. Some concerted play but mostly solo SVV with heavy runoff. If there was CNVSV, NV would stop and SV would take over with large fountaining that produced gully washer run off. 3 or 4 NVV's that got our attention at best.
20093 23 Oct 2021 @ 1000 23 Oct 2021 @ 1830 cb SB activity has improved from yesterday. Not much notable activity in the morning. Activity seemed to pick up around 1255 with a nice concerted babbling brook. 1505 there was the first observed NV bounce in this interval & another @ 1544. Platform is mostly SV dominated with many SVV solos that were Gulley washers putting water down both the left & right sides below the footbridge.
20080 22 Oct 2021 @ 1150 22 Oct 2021 @ 1633 bbev 9D PE: Steady light runoff down SV channel, with little evidence of water reaching either side channel below bridge. Shoulder is wet and water is tickling down back channel. Very grumbly. 1200-1330; increased activity from both vents, some concerted, mostly angled, thick jetting from NV. SV had several vertical, fountain-like minors, with audible runoff, that put a little water down the channel towards Echinus. Mostly quiet after that.
20071 21 Oct 2021 @ 1315 21 Oct 2021 @ 1343 mwolf well we're past the wispy, huffy stage. SV occasionally putting decent water down the runoff channel. imagine it will show up on the temperature logger. NV not very frequent but definitely more water than a few days ago.
20061 19 Oct 2021 @ 1516 19 Oct 2021 @ 1541 cb 6D2.5H PE..NV vent is having mostly wispy play with an occasional thicker, angled 15' minor. (viewed from upper deck) Nothing seen from SV & SV runoff channel is bone dry.
20037 18 Oct 2021 @ 1508 --- mwolf steamin, huffin, and grumblin. dry runoff. in about 15 minutes of observing, saw a few NV splashes with one that i would call an actual angled minor. emerald and cistern look pretty "normal" to me.
19995 16 Oct 2021 @ 1134 --- cb 2D23H PE.. Steamboat is very quiet and no water. CISTERN SPRING is ~1.5' below overflow with a nice boil and clear pool. EMERALD SPRING is clear calm & in overflow
19980 15 Oct 2021 @ 1245 --- cb 2D PE. Steamboat is gently steaming & channels mostly dry.(snow melt) The icicles in the dead zone are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! CISTERN SPRING is down 2' below the inner tube rim. no boil. no steam. Water is a still, beautiful blue color. (still draining). EMERALD SPRING is turquoise blue, clear, calm & overflowing.
19970 12 Oct 2021 @ 1915 --- Ben VL Both vents active, NV 20' give or take, SV hard to see with wind direction. Minors occurring every several seconds, kinda quiet in between. Not very rumbly. SV had a couple that were sustained for a few seconds but they didn't sound all that large. Did not see any vertical, but I was not there long. Steady flow under the bridge, and more than I would have suspected given the current minors. Wet spots in the runoff channel suggest either bigger minors have occurred, or melted snowfall (maybe both). Cistern high and in overflow, relatively clear, with not all that big of a boil. Emerald clear, calm, more blue than green, and probably in overflow (hard to see).
19933 07 Oct 2021 @ 1731 --- cb 9D4H PE.. Steamboat is a LITTLE BIT more active today. 1 concerted NV angled spray to 10' & SV angled splash to 3'. SV channel has areas of rainwater dampness & dry spots. EMERALD SPRING is a bit clearer today with fewer bubbles & more blue than pea green again. Definitely not clear tho! It is still in overflow. CISTERN SPRING is still in overflow.
19927 06 Oct 2021 @ 1655 --- cb SB entire platform is guiet, calm & dry as a bone. EMERALD SPRING is still overflowing, cloudy pea green with bubbles = wonky!
19914 06 Oct 2021 @ 1032 --- cb 7D21H PE.. Steamboat is very quiet. occational spritz of water out of SV, 3' MAYBE! NV just gentle billows of steam. CISTERN SPRING is still in COPIOUS overflow with a VERY VIGOROUS boil.
19891 05 Oct 2021 @ 1815 05 Oct 2021 @ 1842 cb 7D5H. Steamboat is gently steaming with a faint gurgle. Some very weak NV spray that is only visable from upper deck. Nothing from SV. Entire platform is dry. EMERALD SPRING is a cloudy greenish color and there are tennis ball& ping ping ball sized bubbles breaking the surface on the east side of the pool and by the outlet channel. (bw side) It is in overflow. The 3 trees feature is active again with 3 more small vents (quarter sized) in its runoff channel. HUM, DOES this explain the SV major minor yesterday on 10/4?
19885 04 Oct 2021 @ 1700 --- cb Steamboat is very quiet, little to no grumbling. a few wispy, 2'-5' angled jets from both vents & Channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is still overflowing with a VERY vigorous boil. EMERALD SPRING overflowing, calm!
19881 04 Oct 2021 @ 0900 04 Oct 2021 @ 0943 cb I came down to SB because of the large 40° spike on the temp graph. SV runoff channel is very wet 20' below its vent. At Steerage the channel is damp and the dampness extends out beyond the bridge toward Echinus for a bit. Some pooling in the main runoff channel and the dampness extends to Tantalus creek. Steamboat is billowing steam and fairly (oddly) quiet. (1) wispy angled NV spray. Nothing seen out of SV. Back shoulder is dry. A weird, out of the blue, major minor? 🤪 CISTERN SPRING is still in COPIOUS overflow in all directions. EMERALD SPRING is steamy, calm and in overflow.
20622 03 Oct 2021 @ 2002 --- mhreed Large, isolated temperature spike peaked at this time. See data at and subsequent observations of Steamboat the following morning at
19894 03 Oct 2021 @ 1700 --- cb Some light angled spritzing out of both vents. SV 3', NV 8'. Platform & channels are bone dry
19859 02 Oct 2021 @ 1612 --- cb water has come into the platform with an occational 5' NV angled splash. Nothing from SV
19854 02 Oct 2021 @ 1000 02 Oct 2021 @ 1030 cb 3D20.5H PE. 30° Steamboat is gently billowing steam from both vents with slight grumbling sounds. entire platform is dry. no spray from either vent observed. Gurgling from the crevice between the upper deck and the NV in the rocks is very pronounced this morning. CISTERN SPRING is in overflow in all directions. @1300 no water yet.
19830 01 Oct 2021 @ 1500 01 Oct 2021 @ 1513 bbev 3D,1hr PE: Very soft, barely audible rumble, with occasional billowing steam from both vents. Runoff channels dry. No water seen in short observation. CS is overflowing in all directions with moderate boiling, clear blue pool.
19804 30 Sep 2021 @ 1114 --- cb 1D 22H PE. EMERALD SPRING is clear calm turquoise & overflowing. @ 1153 CISTERN SPRING is filling, water level way down in the vent and just barely visible at this time. ( below the 2 "holes" on the east side) Audible churning with a lot of steam. STEAMBOAT is dry and quiet.
19779 29 Sep 2021 @ 0900 --- cb 19.5 Hours PE.. Boardwalk is a skating rink on this 20° morning! Some water out of NV with streamers. SV mostly steam with a weak trickle of water down the channel & a BIG billowing tall steam cloud. CISTERN SPRING is completely drained with no visible water & barely steaming. Vent & bottom was easily visible on this chilly morning.
19760 27 Sep 2021 @ 0730 27 Sep 2021 @ 1735 cb A bit better today as i saw a bit more vertical action from NV BUT it is still occasional AND MOSTLY ANGLED. Good concerted action from 1140 - 1300 with 4 events at 1140, 1144, 1155 & 1303. Another nice CNVVSVV @ 1541 & 1614. Other than these its a lot of SV solos that put a LOT of water down the channel. Still SV dominated. The graph doesn't tell the whole story!
19748 26 Sep 2021 @ 0730 26 Sep 2021 @ 1845 cb Nice water levels out of SV. Many very strong fountaining SVV with babbling brooks and rivers. 3 CNVV @ 1511, 1555 & 1745. SV solo @ 1832 that was a rock mover! Improved behavior today with more NV (mostly angled) & concerted play.
19730 25 Sep 2021 @ 1910 --- User34 First vertical bursts seen from North all day, about 5-15 feet. Again at 1928
19726 25 Sep 2021 @ 0750 25 Sep 2021 @ 0810 bbev 14D,1hr PE: Heavy geyser fog this morning. SV still most active, playing vertically and putting out audible runoff. Only angled play seen from NV in brief observation. Appears to have been an increase in runoff overnight, as all three channels below the bridge have water in catch basins and are damp as far as I can see. Slight accumulation of debris in trough. Bookstore closing Monday.
19723 24 Sep 2021 @ 1625 24 Sep 2021 @ 1900 cb Some improvement today. Still very much SV dominated with many SV fountaining, sustained solo's that put a nice babbling brook down the channel. These were occationally accompanied with NV, most angled, but a few with vertical bounce. Debris (pebbles from the last eruption that accumulate in SV channel) have not moved down the SV channel & into the trough yet.
19718 24 Sep 2021 @ 0740 24 Sep 2021 @ 0810 bbev 13D,1hr PE: Little change from yesterdays observation, other than NV showed some vertical bounce during a steamy concerted minor that put down good water from SV. No evidence of any stronger SV runoff overnight. SV runoff still steady, more than a trickle at steerage and no pooling in catch basins to the right of trough.
19707 23 Sep 2021 @ 1730 23 Sep 2021 @ 1830 bbev 12D,11hr PE: Both vents active, occasionally concerted. SV had several solo minors that approached vertical 15'+ and sustained for 10-15 seconds. Runoff at bridge was light and steady, with at least one minor that put water into the channel towards Echinus. Trough is mostly clear of debris, so should be a good tell of increased runoff. NV was less frequent with 20-25' angled play and no vertical seen. CS continues to be very high and overflowing in all directions.
19694 23 Sep 2021 @ 0745 23 Sep 2021 @ 0810 bbev 12D,1hr PE: Both vents active, NV angled 15’+, SV angled and independent of NV to 10’+. SV runoff has steady trickle that appears to reach all the way to Tantalus creek. Back shoulder appears moist, but is difficult to see due to wind direction. Steady, soft grumble from SB. CS continues to overflow in all directions, muddy pool is full and overflowing. ES is also overflowing, flat, and clear. This cycle appears different than the last IMHO, due to early high water levels in both CS and ES. Also due to earlier return of water to SV and the observation that SV is having solo minors, which it rarely, if ever had prior to previous eruption.
19685 22 Sep 2021 @ 0800 --- bbev 11D,1hr PE: Several light spritzes from SV, that barely reached the back shoulder. Did not see any liquid water from NV during my 5 min observation this chilly morning. May be some moisture trickling down the shoulder and SV runoff, but difficult to see in morning light. Softly grumbling. Much different behavior than last interval.
19650 18 Sep 2021 @ 1432 18 Sep 2021 @ 1438 novakg 1432: Emerald is in overflow with a lovely blue color. 1435: Steamboat has no water from the vents and the runoff channels are not wet. 1438: Cistern is in heavy overflow in all directions with a double boil in the center of the pool.
19603 16 Sep 2021 @ 0918 --- cb 5D2.5H PE... Steamboat is gently steaming, channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is high & overflowing in all directions. It has a weak 2 pt boil. EMERALD SPRING pool has dropped slightly but is still overflowing, calm, clear and blue green in color.
19576 15 Sep 2021 @ 0847 --- cb 4D2H PE & 30°... SB is gently steaming with occational gentle huffs, no water from the vents, channels dry except for the dampness in the far left side of SV channel (closest to the lower platform) that comes from the seap/crack below Jabba. This dampness spreads out 2' wide ~15' down from SV's vent. CISTERN SPRING water is ~ 1' below the rim of the inner tube and has a audible boil. To steamy to accurately view. EMERALD SPRING is calm and in overflow.
19559 14 Sep 2021 @ 0945 --- cb Gently steaming, no water from either vent. SV channel is wet ~10' down the channel from the seap or crack below Jabbas jaw. Jabba is the big gray rock mound in front both vents. The "seap" is only visable by heavy steam. A rocky mound in between the lower deck and the "seap" obscures any view of this. CISTERN SPRING @1019 has no visable water or audible sounds but has a fair amount of steam coming from deep down in its vent.
19526 13 Sep 2021 @ 0852 --- cb 2D2H... SB vents are quiet and huffing steam. SV channel at the top is dry but wet 15' below SV opening and I believe this is from the steaming seap or crack that is developing below Jabbas jaw. CISTERN SPRING @1019 has no visable water or audible sounds but has a fair amount of steam coming from deep down in its vent. EMERALD SPRING @1754 Pool is high, in overflow, clear, calm & blue green in color.
19505 12 Sep 2021 @ 0745 12 Sep 2021 @ 0915 mhreed Prior to 0800, Steamboat was in wet steam phase without jetting. At 0840 noticed tall NV jetting and a more vigorous steam column from a vantage point near Orby. Jetting of varied height continued through 0915 when we departed. SV was also bursting to heights of 10-25 ft.
19486 11 Sep 2021 @ 1650 --- Graham 10h post eruptive, all steam.
19456 10 Sep 2021 @ 1030 10 Sep 2021 @ 2000 William Heard through the grapevine today that certain gazers have been highly critical and unappreciative of the recent notes regarding SB. I want to personally thank cb and bbev, Art and Larissa, Ben VL, Dan A, Suzanne, Demetri, Cris G. and any others who have taken their time to observe and report on SB during this interval. It takes a certain kind of jerk to criticize others who are putting in time and effort while you sit back expecting someone to tell you when to magically arrive for an eruption of the best unpredictable geyser in the world. I believe it is fair to say that any REAL gazers appreciate what those named have been doing, THANK YOU!
19470 10 Sep 2021 @ 1530 10 Sep 2021 @ 1900 mhreed Observed from the lower deck. Overall, activity did not match that described over the past few days, but seems to have improved slightly from Ben's morning observations. A few isolated energetic minors were observed. Otherwise, play was frequent and typically concerted or led by South Vent. Notable events include: 1633 concerted (if lethargic) play with good discharge from South Vent, 1709 concerted play with sustained vertical water in both vents with very strong discharge down the South Vent runoff channel - energetic followup activity continued through 1711, and 1833 voluminous play from both vents with some vertical.
19453 10 Sep 2021 @ 0830 10 Sep 2021 @ 1020 Ben VL Nothing much going on. Minors are severely dis-improved from the last few days. Much less sustain & volume, no vertical observed, and the best runoff was a 3. No evidence of anything strong occurring in the hour or two before I got there.
19410 09 Sep 2021 @ 0912 09 Sep 2021 @ 1645 Ben VL Improved and dis-improved activity from yesterday. At 1031, 1050, 1116, and 1129 we had concerted vertical, sustained minors that all put out level 5 runoff. The 1129 event had immediate, large followup and I ran to decker. No additional followup after I got there. Activity crashed after. A good conc. V minor here or there but pretty much stayed in a lull most of the afternoon. Left at 1645.
19386 08 Sep 2021 @ 0945 08 Sep 2021 @ 2146 Ben VL Dis-improved slightly from yesterday. Spent most of the morning and early afternoon in a lull. Eventually had some nice pushes with strong runoff at 1412, 1459 & 1504. Other highlights include 1720, 1733, 1802, 1945, & 2004. None of these minors were anywhere near the strength of those we saw yesterday and the day before where we thought it could've easily started. Overall baseline runoff is slightly better than yesterday, and SV is more willing to have minors independent of NV. Gravel in the trough continues to be moved around / added to.
19377 08 Sep 2021 @ 0700 08 Sep 2021 @ 1835 Suzanne Activity not as good as what was reported yesterday. There were concerted minors but nothing really sustained. South Vent did have a few solo minors but they were angled. North Vent had many vertical bounces and a few taller minors with South Vent joining in. I counted 15 total minors throughout the day that were good enough to note with decent runoff (porpoising) from South Vent. The best occurred at 1411, 1500, 1504, and 1719. Some of the better minors were spaced over an hour apart before the next good one. Activity picked up slightly in the evening to keep us there an extra hour with minors occurring at 1719, 1733, and 1802.
19365 07 Sep 2021 @ 1130 07 Sep 2021 @ 2100 Ben VL Somewhat similar to yesterday. Had some fantastic surges in the morning and early afternoon, at 1332 a push came with three good back to back strong minors (yesterday most did not have followup). It quieted down after and went into a lull most of the afternoon with a couple other strong events tossed in. Play in the evening did not get as strong as after yesterday's afternoon lull. A lot of strong minors begin with NV, then SV joins in and both go vertical and get VERY large, then SV takes over and finishes it off. Often times the runoff on these is a 4+ or a 5. NV still seems to be dragging SV into nice behavior most of the time, although in the evening it seemed like SV was starting to become a little more willing to behave independently.
19469 06 Sep 2021 @ 1000 06 Sep 2021 @ 2200 Art 60 Days Post Eruptive - Entering to put some observations to the USGS temp chart which I'm sure will raise some eyebrows! Arrived at 1000 with the intention of sitting on Constant/Whirligig but thankfully was called over by Ben due to very interesting behavior. At 0932 MDT (0832 MST) Ben observed a VERY strong concerted N/S minor. Then at 1016 MDT (0916 MST) another HUGE concert minor occurred, washing large amounts of gravel down the South Vent runoff channel to the bridge/steerage. The event had little if any followup, but then at 1122 MDT (1022 MST) Ben, Larissa and I were at Decker when out of nowhere another HUGE minor occurred. The minor lasted for 15-30 seconds and if it was any other time in this active phase you would have sworn that SB was starting. Dan confirmed that large amounts of gravel were again washed down the runoff channel and little to no followup occurred. These large events are shown on the USGS temp chart as spikes to 50°c. More moderate concerted minor events occurred after this from around 1200-1300 (MDT). At 1412 and 1419 MDT (1312 & 1319 MST) an incredible concerted minors got us on the radio as SB looked like it was about to start yet again. This event shows as up well over 50° on the USGS temp chart. After that heart stopping series, SB returned to behavior more in line with the last two days, as opposed to the mornings activity. N/S concerted minors with periods of stronger activity punctuated by 30-50 minutes of decreased activity. These lulls in activity featured either both vents being mostly quiet or North Vent sending large flashy bursts up with little/no south. Cistern Spring is still in good overflow with a very slow/small runoff into the muddy pool. Emerald Spring is still in very good overflow, compared to last week. Crater Springs is not doing major or minor eruptions and is in constant boil from the North Pool vent.
19343 05 Sep 2021 @ 1220 05 Sep 2021 @ 2040 Ben VL Long periods of quiet with intermittent bursts of strong activity. Mostly quiet with occasional surges early in the afternoon. 1608-1720 had increased activity with concerted NVV & sustained SV noted at 1608, 1611, 1621, 1626, 1631, 1633, 1639 huge N vert, 1653, 1657, 1706, 1711 tall, thick Nvert with heavy SV solo finish, 1719 HUGE vertical NV, 1720 smaller. Mostly quiet until another push at 1810: 1810 heavy, tall SV + RR, 1812, 1813/4, 1815 both V & sustained for almost a minute. 1816/7. Smaller push at ~1920, & again ~2020. Runoff very light outside of strong minors. Cistern is very full and overflowing on all sides. ES has much more runoff than yesterday or the day before per Art & Larissa, clear, calm, and mostly blue.
19468 04 Sep 2021 @ 1015 04 Sep 2021 @ 2000 Art 58 days 4 hours since last eruption. After a very lackluster past few days, Steamboat is back to having concerted minors with decent water output from the south vent, as well as south solos and tall north vent minors. Any periods of concerted minors were followed by long periods of relative inactivity or energetic North vent solos.
19467 03 Sep 2021 @ 1100 --- Art 57 Days 5 Hours - Steamboat looks zapped of energy. South vent runoff a trickle. Signs of some stronger minors overnight from the bottom of south vent runoff channels gravel in trough pushed back about 3-4”. Went back later in the day around 1800 and totally unchanged. Still barely any water out of South vent.
19466 02 Sep 2021 @ 2000 02 Sep 2021 @ 2100 Art 56 Days 13 Hours - Arrived to energetic minor activity with South Vent putting out weak solo minors and then stronger minors in concert with North. Definitely the most water down the runoff channel observed this week. That said, nothing sustained and activity quickly died down. Short observation period.
19465 01 Sep 2021 @ 1600 01 Sep 2021 @ 1730 Art 55 Days 10 Hours Post Eruptive - Mostly unchanged from previous days observations, with some minor improvement. North vent still very energetic and entertaining to watch, again strong enough to put water over into the South vent runoff channel at times. From the bottom of the South vent runoff channel, aka the bridge, aka steerage, no signs of strong minors overnight. When we started to head out, the runoff channel had a decent amount of water as minors had picked up. That said no ""raging rivers"" observed. Other folks had eyes on it longer and reported unimpressive minor behavior most of the day. Emerald Spring, still in overflow. Cistern Spring unchanged. USGS temperature charts confirm no major minor activity.
19464 31 Aug 2021 @ 1530 31 Aug 2021 @ 1650 Art 54 Days 10 Hours Post Eruptive - Arrived to an almost totally dry runoff channel. North vent dominant, very little South. Around 1600 South Vent put out enough water to dampen the channel down to the bridge (steerage). Trough showed signs of some stronger minor activity overnight. USGS temp graph shows probable source as a strong series of minors overnight with runoff temp approaching the 45° C threshold. Emerald Spring in overflow. Cistern Spring gentling boiling and overflowing heavily out of back channel.
19463 30 Aug 2021 @ 1600 30 Aug 2021 @ 1730 Art 53 Days 10 Hours Post Eruptive - North vent continues to dominate minors with very little South vent observed. Minimal runoff, trough shows no sign of any strong pushes. Water slightly cloudy and unchanged from previous day. USGS temp graph validates decrease in strength of minor activity over last 24ish hours.
19147 29 Aug 2021 @ 1800 29 Aug 2021 @ 1830 User34 Minors every few minutes, mainly North dominated, occasionally with heavy jetting but usually it was just throwing slugs of water, often with a "twist" of the water. Two minors had vertical and lasted a bit longer, and were accompanied by South splashing to maybe 10-15 feet. A couple times, South gave some spits with only huffing from North.
19462 29 Aug 2021 @ 0745 29 Aug 2021 @ 1700 Art 52 Days Post Eruptive. Steamboats activity was dramatically decreased from yesterday. Almost no concerted minors, North vent dominated the day, at times playing so energetically that it kicked water over towards South Vent generating runoff. South Vent minors were few and far between with almost no vertical or sustained eruptions observed. Runoff channel was close to drying out between 1031-1113 and then again around 1500. At 1600 couple small angled minors, with no followup, dampened the runoff channel again. From steerage, water is slightly cloudy, compared to yesterdays crystal clear. Gravel in trough is unchanged with no signs of any significant minor activity overnight.
19461 28 Aug 2021 @ 0655 28 Aug 2021 @ 1855 Art 51 Days Post Eruptive - Arrived to a decent amount of runoff at steerage. Concerted minor activity continued from 0659-0808 but then things slowed down with gaps of about 20-30 minutes between minors putting any runoff down the channel between 0903-1047. At 1134 we had a huge concerted minor, 40'-50', that was sustained for approximately 10 seconds. That got everyones attention. That was not followed up however, and things quieted down quickly. Minors were few and far between until 1510, when our of nowhere North and South shot up together with a huge volume of water out of south that washed a TON of gravel down the runoff channel. Again, it had no followup and no runoff was generated until almost 1605. USGS Temp logger shows a spike to 50° C as a result of this activity! Finally at 1745, there was one more concerted minor worth noting, with minimal followup and weak minors through 1857. At steerage, runoff is crystal clear and the strong minor at 1510 pushed the gravel around in the trough.
19460 27 Aug 2021 @ 1510 27 Aug 2021 @ 1950 Art 50 Days 12 Hours Post Eruptive - North vent dominant, very little energy from south. Whatever energy it showed last night (2021-08-26), appears to be gone. Long periods with minimal/no minor eruptions capable of putting water down run off channel from south vent. Longest quiet period observed, 1622-1806. No signs of any strong minor activity at steerage. Trough unchanged.
19458 26 Aug 2021 @ 1700 26 Aug 2021 @ 2130 Art 49 Days 12 Hours Post Eruptive - Arrived to a much improved runoff channel, compared to bone dry two days prior on 8/24. Runoff was light but consistent. North vent was the vent that started most play with south "coming along for the ride" at times. South minors continued to create light runoff throughout the evening, with things slowing down around 1830-1943. At 2022 a huge concerted minor had both vents playing to 40-50' holding for 10 seconds. At 2040 another HUGE concerted minor holding 50'+ for close to 10-15 seconds, huge raging river of water down south vent runoff channel. No followup and any further minors, decreased in strength and frequency from 2047-2126.
19088 26 Aug 2021 @ 0945 26 Aug 2021 @ 1330 bbev Walked up on big SV runoff. NV dominated and initiated any concerted play. SV put out several good runoff but with no vertical play and nothing over~12'. NV would have strong vertical, sustained minors and SV would just tag along for the ride.
19043 24 Aug 2021 @ 0900 --- cb 47D +a few hours...SB was ... ick today. Same story, different day. Arrived to a wet SV channel but no water flowing. By 1000 SV channel was drying up in spots, by 1400 SV to the footbridge was completely bone dry. Occational NV Angled, Vertical, VBounces & reverse jetting 10'-30', but just the intermittent SV ~5' angled spray that ONCE @ 1600 dampened the channel to the footbridge. EMERALD SPRING's pool is up and just barely overflowing. The Three Trees feature is bubbling and putting out quite a bit of water down the East side of ES run off channel. CISTERN SPRING IS also up a bit (1") and has a blooping boil.
19030 23 Aug 2021 @ 1725 23 Aug 2021 @ 1910 bbev 46.5D PE. NV having occasional, solo, thickk, vertical bounce, with spritsy, less frequent SV. SV runoff has very light, steady trickle all the way to steerage. Shoulder is damp, with much less water than when l walked out at 1130. At that time, Emerald was in very good overflow, with its water well over the stick to the right of its runoff. 1745 WOW!! Huge sustained NV, well over the trees, lasting about 15 seconds. Nothing really from SV. 1753 Concerted North Vertical with an angled SV that put down a BBrook. l think l will watch a little longer. l was about to say that Emerald was 3-4" below this mornings level, and no longer overflowing as l just walked down. Several more robust CNV with angled SV that put out audible runoff down SV channel over the last hour.
18973 20 Aug 2021 @ 0954 --- cb 43D 3.5H..Steamboat has changed A BIT. NV is still having forceful angled, vertical bounces & reverse jetting 10'-25'. SV has occational angled 5-8' jets and yesterday I saw a few weak babbling brooks, no consistent water down the channel and today the channel has areas of dry patches from the vent down the channel 10'. Back shoulder is damp but I think that's partially from rain, no trickling water. EMERALD SPRING is higher and just a hair below overflow. It's clear, calm & greenish. CISTERN SPRING is pretty much the same.
18961 18 Aug 2021 @ 1734 --- cb 41D11H..STEAMBOAT'S NV has some forceful angled jets and some vertical (+reverse jets) bounces 10' - 25'. SV is having some occasional jetting but the temperature and steam makes it hard to see height. Back shoulder is rain water damp in spots. CISTERN SPRING's pool is low, weak boil & overflowing toward Echinus and has green algae accumulating around the edges of the platform. EMERALD SPRING pool is higher (rained HARD last night and all day today), up 2" to almost overflowing level. It is clear, calm & greenish.
19457 13 Aug 2021 @ 1552 13 Aug 2021 @ 1640 Art 36D 9H - Unchanged per CB’s observations yesterday. Bone dry at steerage. Cistern is unchanged. Emerald spring is still several inches below overflow.
18909 12 Aug 2021 @ 1929 12 Aug 2021 @ 2000 cb 35D 13H.. Brief visit this evening. NV having some fairly strong angled and vertical jetting and bounces with an occational reverse jet over ET & the SV. No activity from SV observed other than steaming. However the SV runoff channel is damp. Back shoulder is DRY. EMERALD SPRING is still WAY below overflow by ~3-4". It is clear calm & greenish. CISTERN SPRING is still low and overflowing toward Echinus & Veteran with a bit out the backside into the bobbysock trees. Still has a weak boil. Pool is clear and blue.
18861 07 Aug 2021 @ 1730 --- cb 30D11H.. EMERALD SPRING is still WAY below overflow. Same level as last report ~4". It is calm & blue green in color. STEAMBOAT'S SV channel is bone dry. I saw ONE 5' Spritz during my observation. NV is having occational angled jets, some vertical bounces and reverse jets to 10'-20' sometimes accompanied with loud (booming) forceful huffing. Jabba & back shoulder dry also. CISTERN SPRING is the same. Barely overflowing toward Echinus and toward Veteran. It has a weak boil, water is clear and a beautiful turquoise blue color.
18793 02 Aug 2021 @ 0833 --- cb 25D2H.. Steamboat is doing much the same activity as I've observed in the past few days. Strong huffing of steam from both vents but predominantly NV. NV is a mix of steam and both angled jets and strong vertical bounces of water. SV is mostly all steam with an occational wispy spritz of water. SV channel is very wet ~10' below its vent and mostly dry above it. There is a thin trickle of water that appears to be coming from a steaming vent somewhere below Jabbas right jaw and flows down the far left side of SV channel. Channel is wet with a continuous trickle of water to the footbridge and beyond. Back shoulder is dry. This note is taken before any rain overnight. Cistern Spring is the same >low pool, weak boil, overflowing toward Echinus and a bit in a low spot toward Veteran.
18704 28 Jul 2021 @ 0800 --- cb Some angled play from NV but mostly huffing steam from both vents. SV runoff channel is dry from the vent down 10ish feet, from there channel is damp on the far left side to the foot bridge.
18692 27 Jul 2021 @ 0900 27 Jul 2021 @ 1845 cb quick note. Very little water if any from either vent. mostly just occational steam. viewed off and on from Decker. SV channel is bone dry. Trough has some residual pooled water. EMERALD SPRING is at the same water level, down 4" from overflow, clear, calm and more blue than green. CISTERN SPRING is also the same. Only overflowing out the channel toward Echinus. weak boil.
18660 25 Jul 2021 @ 0855 --- cb 17D2.5H.. SB is forcefully huffing mix of steam and water from NV, SV mostly steam. SV run off channel at the top, just below the vent is bone dry, 15' below the vent the channel is damp. I believe this is from NV splashes coming over the "dip" (Jabbas left ear) and running down the lefthand side of SV channel. Very little water in SV. CISTERN SPRING is still low and barely in overflow with a weak boil. EMERALD SPRING is also the same, pool 3-4" below overflow, clear, calm, green.
18638 24 Jul 2021 @ 1857 --- cb 16D12.5H.. SB is huffing forced steam with some bounces of water from NV to 5' and mostly airy spray with bigger water droplets. Nothing but steam from SV. Both channels are bone dry. CISTERN SPRING is only barely overflowing out the established channel toward Echinus. It is cloudy blue with a very weak boil. EMERALD SPRING is still ~3-4" below overflow. It is clear, calm & greenish in color. The 3 Trees feature along the east edge of Emerald's runoff, close to the boardwalk, that I have watched for 3 years is putting out a little bit of water down Emeralds channel, but not much! No boil at all. The sputter in the green algae 3' toward the Museum is inactive.
18600 23 Jul 2021 @ 0836 --- bbev Some occasional spritsy, angled jetting out of NV. CS only overflowing out back channel. Emerald springs still 3" below overflow.
18572 22 Jul 2021 @ 0946 --- cb 14D3H.. Steamboat is gently huffing steam. NV had a wisp of water in 1 huff. SV channel is damp in places but dry around the vent. Trough has water but I believe it is from rainfall, same with patchy dampness in SV channel. CISTERN SPRING pool is low and is 1" below overflow in most directions. The established channel toward Echinus has a weak flow of water. Cistern has a weak boil and is a cloudy turquoise blue color. EMERALD SPRING is very low. pool is still down ~4" below overflow. it is calm, greenish/blue and clear.
18520 19 Jul 2021 @ 0800 19 Jul 2021 @ 0830 cb 11D1.5H.. Steamboat is Huffing mostly steam with an occational wisp of water out of both vents. Channels are dry as is the Trough. CISTERN SPRING is about an inch or 2 below full overflow. Pool is just at the scalloped edges and water is starting to seep out of the established channel toward Echinus. Water is cloudy blue with a weak boil and very small convection waves if any! EMERALD SPRINGS pool is still way below overflow, ~4"+ below overflow, it is clear and calm, back to green in color and steamy!
18501 18 Jul 2021 @ 1004 --- cb 10D3.5H... SB is gently steaming with an occational huff. 1 spritz of water from SV. ET is wet. Nothing observed from NV. Channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is not yet in overflow. Still ~1.5' below overflow with a weak 1 point boil. EMERALD SPRING is even lower than last night, down ~5". It is clear, greenish, with slight convection in the thumb. @ 1343 CISTERN SPRING is at about the same point in the pool. Very weak, sluggish 1pt boil
18485 17 Jul 2021 @ 1944 --- cb 9D13H... Steamboat is not even huffing much. Just gentle steam from both vents. CISTERN SPRING has filled to 4' above the inner tube rim or 6'+ below overflow..It has a meh (mediocre) 2 pt boil. EMERALD SPRING is 3-4" below overflow still, the pool has cleared, is more green than blue & only has slight convection in the thumb area.
18446 16 Jul 2021 @ 0803 --- cb 8D1.5H. Steamboat is gently steaming. No water in either vent. channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is filling. Water is only up to the cave, 8' below the rim of the inner tube. It has a vigorous boil. EMERALD SPRING is still below overflow, 3" below the out flow channel. Slight bubbles still in the thumb, cloudy opalescent blue in color.
18410 13 Jul 2021 @ 0903 --- cb 5D2.5H. Steamboat is gently steaming with light huffing. no water from either vent. SV channel is dry. NV has some pooling water in low depressions. CISTERN SPRING is empty, steaming and no audible sound of water deep in the vent yet. EMERALD SPRING pool has come up a bit but still not in overflow. Pool is still blue, slight bubbles and cloudy.
18374 11 Jul 2021 @ 1409 --- cb 3D7.5H near end! last rhythmic huffs/bursts of steam (and a bit of water) from NV. SV channel mostly dry. CISTERN SPRING has no water yet. EMERALD SPRING still milky turquoise blue, not overflowing with random bubbles in and around the thumb.
18350 11 Jul 2021 @ 0831 11 Jul 2021 @ 0854 cb 3D2H ie. NV is still continously pushing water/steam mix to ~15'+ with rhythmic huffing. SV is also a mix of light water/steam with a continuous flow of water down the runoff channel. CISTERN SPRING is empty and lightly steaming. No audible sound of water. EMERALD SPRING is milky cloudy, turquoise blue in color, still has the small bubblers breaking the surface and the pool is low and not in overflow.
18363 10 Jul 2021 @ 2220 --- annelies8 still in steam phase
23 Jan 2022 @ 1440 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:40 PM major eruption on 23 January 2022.
30 Dec 2021 @ 2212 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 10:12 PM major eruption on 30 December 2021.
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 JSJ Steamboat Geyser water temperatures for mid-December 2021 + major eruption.
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:45 AM major eruption on 16 December 2021.
24 Nov 2021 @ 2356 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:56 PM major eruption on 24 November 2021.
24 Nov 2021 @ 2356 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:56 PM major eruption on 24 November 2021.
12 Nov 2021 @ 0502 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:02 AM major eruption on 12 November 2021.
12 Nov 2021 @ 0502 JSJ Norris Junction seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:02 AM major eruption on 12 November 2021.
12 Nov 2021 @ 0502 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:02 AM major eruption on 12 November 2021.
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 JSJ Steamboat Geyser water temperatures for part of late October 2021 + major eruption.
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:08 AM major eruption on 25 October 2021.
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 JSJ Norris Junction seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:08 AM major eruption on 25 October 2021.
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:08 AM major eruption on 25 October 2021.
13 Oct 2021 @ 1244 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:44 PM major eruption on 13 October 2021.
13 Oct 2021 @ 1244 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:44 PM major eruption on 13 October 2021.
28 Sep 2021 @ 1326 JSJ Steamboat Geyser water temperatures for late September 2021 + major eruption.
28 Sep 2021 @ 1326 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:26 PM major eruption on 28 September 2021.
28 Sep 2021 @ 1326 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:26 PM major eruption on 28 September 2021.
11 Sep 2021 @ 0639 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 6:38 AM major eruption on 11 September 2021.
11 Sep 2021 @ 0639 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 6:38 AM major eruption on 11 September 2021.
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