Note 1047

Date/Time From:2014-04-20 @ 0000
Date/Time To:2014-04-20 @ 2359
Time Entered:2014-04-20 23:27:01
Time Updated:2014-04-20 23:30:16
Time Uploaded:2014-04-20 23:30:16
Note:Opening Weekend saw no eruptions of Constant Geyser.  It cycles as it has in the past at regular intervals (less than 20 min) but does not erupt.  Per the YVO graphs this change occurred on April 8, 2014.  I did not know how to interpret the drastic change in the shape of the YVO graph until I was able to observe the cycles in person.  Some of them look quite promising with good blurps and overflow, but no eruptions were seen during the time it was observed.

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