Note 10728

Date/Time From:2018-11-05 @ 0243
Date/Time To:2018-11-05 @ 1713
Time Entered:2018-11-05 19:06:16
Time Uploaded:2018-11-05 19:06:17
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Why is there a big gap between? Was all entries deleted? Or did it actually not erupt that long?

Might have been an event between 0:20 and 2:43, otherwise, next event at 17:13 is the next initial, typical Lion behavior
Entrant: Jeff in CT
Time Entered:2018-11-06 06:49:05
Time Uploaded:2018-11-06 06:49:05
0243 was last lion seen until 1713 which was the ini, there was a lion missed between 0020 0243 it could not be seen
Entrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2018-11-06 07:04:12
Time Uploaded:2018-11-06 07:04:12
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