Note 11025

Date/Time From:2019-04-20 @ 1335
Date/Time To:2019-04-20 @ 1435
Observer:ma tom byron
Time Entered:2019-04-20 21:49:46
Time Updated:2019-04-20 22:20:16
Time Uploaded:2019-04-20 22:20:00
Note:Dark muddy eruptions. Hard to time them with 'Disturby' next door stealing the show. It appears that Orby would alternate short (30 sec) then long (60 sec) eruptions. The eruptions from the vent to the NW appear to grow in size when Orby is erupting. At times it has an overflowing pool, other times it shows the edges of the crater. In size it looks like a Whirligig eruption, in dark brown. Tom C thought the NW vent had enlarged since yesterday.

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