Note 11073

Date/Time:2019-04-25 @ 0500
Observer:YVO Vixen Soil Logger
Time Entered:2019-04-25 08:02:23
Time Uploaded:2019-04-25 08:02:23
Note:Note: This logger is on MST rather than MDT. Over the past 48 hours, several almost eruption-like spikes have been appearing. I've been suspecting this logger to log some, if not all, Vixen eruptions for a while now, but until now this for me has been some 'wishful thinking'. Given DanS' 1030-1112 MDT note, saying "Erupted sometime this morning. Runoff channels wet (...)", this'd most likely line up with the three spikes on this logger between ~0700 and 0900 MST. DanS' 1310 MDT note, saying "Erupted again between 1112-1310.", would line up with the spikes between ~1030 and 1200 MST.

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No flags for this note. Vixen Soil Logger spanning 24 hours, as seen @ ~0802.Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2019-04-25 08:04:22
Time Uploaded:2019-04-25 08:04:22