Note 11561

Geyser:Impatient Miser
Date/Time:2019-06-03 @ 1012
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2019-06-03 23:20:35
Time Updated:2019-06-07 19:44:22
Time Uploaded:2019-06-07 19:44:22
Note:No eruptions today from the southwestern vent or the northeastern vent - these are the normal two vents for Impatient Miser Geyser eruptions (four vents are in the basin). No standing water in the basin today. However, frequent, very low to low eruptions (with brief pauses) were coming from the southeastern vent (= Pool Geyser's vent 4 of Landis, 1989 - Hydrothermal Observations in Yellowstone National Park, 1988, pp. 184, 341), which I've never seen active before. Vent 4 had same activity today both during & between adjacent Little Miser Geyser's eruptions (which affected Impatient Miser's vents 1 & 3 eruptions in previous years - the normal vents).

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