Note 12548

Date/Time:2019-07-20 @ 1000
Time Entered:2019-07-20 14:56:31
Time Updated:2019-07-20 18:56:01
Time Uploaded:2019-07-20 18:56:04
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Ledge is doing the same cyclic behavior of steam (not loud) to mixed steam/water phase and then back to all steam without much of a pause inbetween. Palm pool is down 2' and Jetsum is down about 2'. Valve has steam with a bit of water and is putting water down into the Palm pool. To this observer, the runoff channels show no indication of a full blown water eruption of Ledge. More so, they are a result of the constant runoff since April 28th steam phase only "thing".

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