Note 13701

Date/Time:2019-08-13 @ 1349
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2019-09-15 17:49:27
Time Updated:2019-09-15 17:59:56
Time Uploaded:2019-09-15 17:59:56
Note:Kaleidoscope Group semi-normal today, compared with yesterday. Kaleidoscope Geyser was not having tall, proper eruptions today, but also was not having the odd, erratic eruption behavior of yesterday. 1349 and 1351 - very small spouting. 1417 - in very low spouting, continuing to 1421 at least; already off at 1426. 1528 - low spouting, then done. Back on, with very low spouting, at 1529 - already off at 1536.

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