Note 13721

Geyser:Ledge Spring
Date/Time:2019-09-16 @ 1009
Entrant:Janet Jones
Time Entered:2019-09-16 22:15:39
Time Updated:2019-09-16 22:18:46
Time Uploaded:2019-09-16 22:18:47
Note:Rangers at West Thumb reported that Ledge's water level started to drop last week and is now down further. When I arrived there today, it was still a clear hot blue color with bubbles rising, but the water level was about half full - a level it has been at often in the past. I did not stay to observe whether or not it might still be erupting from a lower pool. Percolating Spring was still overflowing and percolating away. Thermal features across the boardwalk (Thumb Geyser, "Waterfall," etc) had fewer microbes and slightly elevated water levels as compared to my last visit.

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