Note 14157

Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time From:2020-03-24 @ 0655
Date/Time To:2020-03-24 @ 0741
Time Entered:2020-03-24 08:02:22
Time Uploaded:2020-03-24 08:02:22
Note:Noted canid at 0655 enter meadow in front of OF Inn - came from Hams store area. Moving slowly looking back a number of times. Initially with darkness just lifting appeared to be coyote. It wandered around meadow slowly and then bedded. When animal began to move again it was clear that this was larger than a coyote and black. Lone black wolf then moved to old bison carcass area and bedded gnawing on old remains. Still in view at 0729. Began moving down basin at 0736 toward row of conifers in front of Castle. Moved behind trees and crossed Castle path and into the woods at 0741. This exit and path is exactly what we have observed with the Wapitis.

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candid videoEntrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2020-03-24 09:59:30
Time Uploaded:2020-03-24 09:59:30