Note 14190

Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time:2020-05-15 @ 1601
Time Entered:2020-05-15 16:07:42
Time Updated:2020-05-15 18:28:44
Time Uploaded:2020-05-15 18:28:44
Note:(wc) Something black ran from behind the trees behind Arrowhead on top of Little Cub and then (presumably, cam panned away too quickly) into the woods. Height of this animal didn't appear to be much taller than Little Cub's "cone on top of the cone". Also didn't appear to have a bison shape. Bear? EDIT: appears to have been a wolf per comments and chat page.

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Wolf? Bear?Entrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2020-05-15 18:13:11
Time Uploaded:2020-05-15 18:13:11