Note 14236

Geyser:Great Fountain
Date/Time:2020-05-25 @ 1523
Observer:Mike Vogel
Time Entered:2020-05-25 15:27:55
Time Uploaded:2020-05-25 15:27:55
Note:Hey geyser enthusiasts. I went to Firehole Lake Drive this morning to retrieve the data logger eruptions times of Great Fountain. It stopped logging on April 28 so there is nearly a month of eruptions that is lost. I reconfigured the logger so as of 0940 it began logging again. I'll input the eruption times as soon as I can as it takes a long time to enter over a month's worth of data. This summer Old Faithful Park Rangers will not be predicting Great Fountain geyser. We will not be there every morning like we used to be and that's rather unfortunate. This is due to low staffing levels and operational needs. It is way beyond my control.

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