Note 14965

Geyser:Great Fountain
Date/Time From:2020-07-13 @ 0524
Date/Time To:2020-07-13 @ 0602
Time Entered:2020-07-13 05:36:23
Time Updated:2020-07-13 06:09:22
Time Uploaded:2020-07-13 06:29:50
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:From 0524 until about 0600 Great Fountain was in the post-eruptive state where it periodically splashedup water without ejecting water from the crater (coning activity that does not reflect expenditure of energy and is not included in calculations of duration based prediction models), but had not quite entered the post-eruptive state where the pool fills to a few inches below overflow, then boils for awhile (stage 1 of Tomas Vachuda’s quiet period.) About 0600 the coning started to turn to activity that looked more like boiling around the edges of and the pool level, although several inches below the rim, was visible (stage 1 of Vachuda’s quiet period).

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