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Date/Time:2020-10-01 @ 1720
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Note:(wc) Maintained status quo (getting a bit repetitive here :D). Anyway, had some decent boiling activity throughout the day, peaking in the morning (again). This time the SE rim got involved as well, a marked break in boiling activity the past days where it was N rim-dominated. Heights usually didn't exceed 1-2 feet, perhaps 3. Two boiling episodes were of note: SE rim @ 0917:55 for ±25s at 2-3 feet and also SE rim 1054:08 for 20s 2-4 feet. Estimate would be that the SE rim had about 5% of all boiling activity, with the N rim accounting for the remainder. As for N rim regions, I estimate it was a nearly equal three-way split between the NW, N and NE regions as far as boiling episode region is considered, with the NE rim being ±more active in the afternoon than the other regions.

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