Note 17013

Geyser:Emerald Spring
Date/Time:2021-05-08 @ 1500
Time Entered:2021-05-08 15:28:06
Time Updated:2021-05-08 17:09:58
Time Uploaded:2021-05-08 17:10:36
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Emerald spring is still very cloudy, milky turquoise blue in color. Much like I've seen Cistern look like! It still has tennis ball-grape sized bubbles breaking the surface and sending out convection waves, mostly along the side closest to the boardwalk. pool is low and NOT in overflow. The 3 Trees feature on the side of Emerald, closest to the boardwalk, has 2 small vents erupting 2 - 3". I call it 3 Trees because there are 3 fallen dead trees and these vents are close to the base of those 3 dead trees.

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