Note 17094

Date/Time:2021-05-13 @ 1436
Observer:YVO Porkchop logger
Time Entered:2021-05-15 05:35:21
Time Updated:2021-05-15 06:11:20
Time Uploaded:2021-05-15 06:11:21
Note:Thermistor changed between 1434 and 1436 MDT (logger is in MST). Per Mike Poland (YVO) in chat on 2021-05-14 2207 & 2209: "Just wanted to let everyone know that I put a new thermistor at Pork chop [sic]. The park geologists were saying that they were measuring temperatures of about 40 degrees [C]. When I changed the thermistor, the logger showed the same. I can't explain why that happened, but I suspect the Pork chop [sic] temperatures have been incorrect for at least a few months.

I'll try to test the equipment in the next few days. Just wanted to let everyone know that the sudden change in Porkchop temperature is an equipment change, and the current temperature appears to be accurate."

For context: before the thermistor was changed, it logged above 70°C.

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