Note 17631

Date/Time From:2021-06-09 @ 0916
Date/Time To:2021-06-09 @ 1555
Observer:Gary & Laurie Novak
Time Entered:2021-06-09 21:44:22
Time Uploaded:2021-06-09 21:44:22
Note:TL;DR: Pool rose and fell many times, then entered overflow several times, leading to a "futz" minor eruption and then a major eruption. 0906: Arrived to dry platform with water above the vent and rising. 0926: Water at 2nd Beach. 0930: Drop to just below 1st Beach. 0938: Rising to 2nd Beach. 0944: Slight drop. 0951; Rising water to Hedgehog. 0954: Rapid rise to but not over Hedgehog. 1000: Crash to 1st Beach. 1005: To 2nd Beach. 1012: Drop to 1st Beach. 1017: Rose a bit, fell. Rising again. 1020: To Hedgehog. 1023: Almost over Hedgehog. 1026:Dropped below Hedgehog. 1028: Laurie says Recycle Hole water dropped to top of hole. 1040: Rose past 2nd Beach. 1048: Over Hedgehog. 1049: First small convection. 1056: Drop below 1st Beach. 1103: Quickly rising. 1111: Rising again. 1122: Dropped again. 11:33: Lunch break. 1300: Return from lunch. Platform still dry. Inferred no eruption. 1307: Water rising. 1326: Hedgehog covered. 1328: Registered 101 degrees on thermal gun, over 5 degrees hotter. Low reading before this was 85, 95 during rises. Sorry it is in F. A kid asked me how hot it was and Celsius doesn't mean anything to them. 1334: Water up & hot, but now about 90. 1338: Water dropping. 1352: Over Hedgehog, 100 F. 1404: Hedgehog top exposed, water dropping. 1427: Highest pool so far. First overflow to SW. 1432: Water dropped out of overflow, Hedgehog visible. 1439: Lowered to 2nd beach. 89 degrees. 1442: water rising, 95 degrees. 1453: Still rising. 1500: Pool crashed. 88 F. 1521: Overflow to SW, Biggest so far. 1522: Convection, 100 F. 1536: Still in overflow. Bloops! and doming. 1538: Good convection. 1550: Doming bloop. 1553: Visible steam. 117 F. 1555: Pre-eruptive bloop, very much like a near-start.

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