Note 18122

Date/Time From:2021-06-27 @ 0830
Date/Time To:2021-06-27 @ 1900
Time Entered:2021-06-27 13:06:09
Time Updated:2021-06-27 20:15:47
Time Uploaded:2021-06-27 20:21:47
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Note:@0830. Platform and runoff channels are still bone dry all the way to the river. Sinter covered plants in the runoff channel close to Tantalus Creek are so dry they are brittle to the touch. I don't believe Vixen erupted at all since my last observation yesterday and through the night. @1115 water is up to the hedgehog, it is calm, no bubbles. 1330 Dry platform still! water is fluctuating between covering the hedgehog and to its base. no bubbles. Seems to be fluctuating ~1". Pool just to the east (behind) Vixen is about 8 - 10" below high water mark. 1700 water in about the same place, platform still dry and the pool/hole on the other side of the boardwalk is drying. @1900 water well covering the hedgehog and extends about 4" beyond it. Slight rise and fall in the pool which exposes the "spins on the top of Hedge". still no bubbles, platform still dry.

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