Note 1900

Date/Time From:2015-07-13 @ 0855
Date/Time To:2015-07-13 @ 1415
Time Entered:2015-07-13 17:20:01
Time Uploaded:2015-07-13 17:20:01
Note:No Ledge as the of time I left. MA and Clark still there. Steam and occasional water from White Vent; periodic water from Red. Longest pause in Red was from 0900 t0 0920, then 0937, 0939,0942,0951,0952, 0956, 1007, 1009 (strongest and most sustained), then 1 to 14 min. intervals until 1400. Pressure/Pit was full at 0855 and overflowing into Jetsam. Jetsam shoulder vents splashing, though lower than previous days. Black Growler spashing occasionally.

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