Note 19094

Geyser:Crater Spring
Date/Time From:2021-08-26 @ 1558
Date/Time To:2021-08-26 @ 1653
Observer:Larissa, Art
Time Entered:2021-08-26 16:49:16
Time Updated:2021-08-26 20:19:27
Time Uploaded:2021-08-26 22:32:35
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:CS water level low separating main pool from north pool. Main pool has four apple size boils. North pool gently boiling and below vent rim. Alcove audibly boiling/gurgling between eruptions. Water levels in north pool rising near start, gradually overflowing from north pool into main pool. Wide bursting eruption from north, about 6-10’, splashing outside of pool sometimes reaching area of old path to the north. Alcove erupting about 4’ and about flush with the ground. Largest bursts near end of eruption after north vent starts settling down. Main Pool rising about 18” during eruption. Eruptions about 1m 15s-1m 30s in duration and about every 7 minutes.

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