Note 19163

Geyser:East Sentinel
Date/Time From:2021-08-30 @ 1202
Date/Time To:2021-08-30 @ 1445
Time Entered:2021-08-30 12:24:25
Time Updated:2021-08-30 23:14:16
Time Uploaded:2021-08-30 23:14:22
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:I suspect a major eruption has occurred recently, grass is matted on the SSE side, water is slightly murky. Minor activity has changed drastically from 1 week ago, when I saw only moderate overflow and weak 6-18" cyclical boiling on the north (river) side. Today I arrived to find heavy overflow and boiling to 1-3' on the south (bank) side. At 1204 his built to surging to 3-5', followed by churning bursts from the center of the pool reaching 4-8' for about a minute, with overflow spilling over all sides. At 1206 the water level began to drop and the surging subsided. As the water fell to its lowest point 1.5' below the bathtub mark, the side vent to the south began to gurgle and then splash weakly to 1-3' for about a minute. Boiling and bursting continued on the south side from a low water level reaching 1-3' but becoming weaker as the water level rose. 1217 the pool reached overflow again. 1218 variable boiling resumed on south side, highest water level 2" below bathtub mark, 1220 water level drop to 6-8" below mark. 1227 water had risen to 2-3" below mark, pool mostly calm with some light boiling, still holding at 1235. 1240 water level 2" below mark, increasing boiling on south side. 1252 water level rose to bathtub mark, heavier overflow, boiling 1-3' on south side. 1254 boiling extending into center of pool. 1255 water level dropped slightly and bursting began that built to churning at 1256. Action similar to previous minor but weaker, max height 4-5' and d~1m. Side vent gurgling after but only a few.drops of water seen. 1257 water level drop to about 1' below mark. 1306 water level back up to mark, boiling extending frol south side into center of pool. Side vent stopped gurgling at this time. 1307 bursting and churning d~1m h~4-6', 1309 water level drop & side vent gurgling with spits 1-3', more bursting briefly at 1310. 1315 water level holding 8" below mark, side vent continues to gurgle. Cycles continued to stabilize at about 20 minutes, with peak boiling reaching ~4' occurring as the pool dropped.

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