Note 19731

Date/Time:2021-09-25 @ 1453
Observer:Gary Novak
Time Entered:2021-09-25 21:05:11
Time Updated:2021-09-25 21:05:54
Time Uploaded:2021-09-25 21:05:50
Note:Back from lunch. The platform was very dry, with some water still in the north catch basins. The wind had kicked up while I was gone. By 1541 water was visible in the vent, doing the wibbly wobbly thing and bobbing and bubbles. Water continue to slowly rise and by 1641 was visible from my chair and water was near the top of the vent. At 1717 water was entering the inner basin. I left at 1800, water was almost coving the inner basin and I had not observed a crash in water level. Sometime between 1330 and 1453 Vixen transitioned from shorts to longs.

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