Note 19772

Date/Time:2021-09-28 @ 1854
Observer:KorbenC, BryceB, et. al. on wc
Time Entered:2021-09-28 18:58:44
Time Updated:2021-09-28 18:59:51
Time Uploaded:2021-09-28 18:59:58
Note:(wc) Very impressive boils over the last little while. None of them were exceptionally tall (I estimate most of them were only 6'') but there were a lot of them. It also seemed like the center of the pool and the N-rim were constantly sizzling a few inches in height. The pool was higher during this time than I have seen it recently, it was pushing out an impressive amount of water down the main channel and was even flowing a good amount of water into the second channel. We also saw what we thought was runoff coming down the "backside" (closest to the bw). The wind picked up and seemed to kill it around 1900. Entering a note because this was the hottest I have seen 'tess in a long time.

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