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Geyser:The Dwarfs
Date/Time From:2021-10-08 @ 1538
Date/Time To:2021-10-08 @ 1619
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Note:(wc) Frequent eruptions from the Dwarf I think is at 44°27'47.7"N 110°49'51.1"W (for simplicity's sake I'll be referring to it as North-West Dwarf or NW for short) and also from the (real, see 1326 entry) Dwarf behind Red/Orange (I think West D on JSJ's map as it has a well-defined runoff channel). North Dwarf (the one at Arrowhead's cone's base) looked like it had standing water below ground level from which occasional bubbles/splashes rose.
Overall vent area of NW Dwarf got gradually bleached as the eruptions progressed. Runoff channel (and vent) from West D Dwarf filled with water when eruption started and drained following eruption. Eruption itself consisted out of splashing, perhaps no more than a foot high with the best ones. Break between 1558:32 and 1610:29 for Old Faithful.
Initially there seemed to be some sort of exchange of function between NW and West D, but the final three cycles make me question that. NW would start the cycle, with West D starting only after NW was done, even for the longest NW eruption of 1m44s of which the latter (and longest) part consisted out of occasional, spaced out splashing. Then the cycle would start again. First two of the final three cycles had NW and West D together at some point in either's eruption and the last cycle had West D before NW.
Activity continued from at least NW following these observations, but did not pay close attention.

Times are as follows:
* North-West Dwarf: 1538:±37 d=±48s, 1542:52 d=1m04s (start now well-defined - goes straight to splashing rather than pre-eruptive steam), 1547:36 d=57s, 1551:58 d=1m13s, 1556:09 d=1m44s (long splashing to finish eruption), 1610:29ie d=>40s (I=double or triple), 1614:30 d=57s, 1619:04 d=51s (end obs.)
* West D Dwarf: 1537:00 d=48s, 1540:58 d=44s, 1544:59 d=42s, 1549:01 d=47s, 1553:37ie d=>38s, 1558:10 d=>22s (cam to Old Faithful), 1610:44 d=51s (first time seen together), 1614:17 d=41s, 1618:07 d=unknown

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