Note 20480

Geyser:Blue Mud Steam Vent
Date/Time:2017-07-20 @ 1700
Observer:2017 log
Time Entered:2021-11-25 10:53:26
Time Updated:2021-11-25 12:59:48
Time Uploaded:2021-11-25 12:59:45
Note:7/20/2017 Fearless water level down 1650 Yellow Funnel + Blue Mud water level down @ 1700 - - NOTE to future researchers: This is the last Blue Mud SV entry found in logbooks up to the start of 2018 - the next log is in place at the museum and won't make it to the archives for a decade - entries will be sparse unless individuals enter from their personal logbooks or photos - after Oct. 2021 entries will pick up again after Blue Mud SV was added to GT - mab

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