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Geyser:Thud Spring
Date/Time:2022-01-30 @ 1125
Time Entered:2022-01-30 12:14:29
Time Uploaded:2022-01-30 12:14:28
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Note:Thud appeared to be drained while driving by this morning (11:25). It was drained yesterday (1/29) as well around 2:45 pm

Was this the pool closest to the road? If so, it is Fungoid Spring (also named Thud Geyser). Thud Spring is a separate feature further from the road. Fungoid has been active on and off since 2018. Thud Spring has small bursting eruptions but has not been known to lower its pool level. Thanks for the report!
Entrant: Tara
Time Entered:2022-02-01 12:55:29
Time Updated:2022-02-01 12:57:32
Time Uploaded:2022-02-01 12:57:29
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